Thursday, May 3, 2012

moving toward readiness

This past Sunday Jeff and I finally got Astrid's big girl bed painted and put together in her bedroom.  I'm still getting used to seeing her tiny frame in that big twin bed when I check in on her before I go to bed at night.  Last night when I checked on her it looked as if she had a little smile on her face as she slept....collapsed from a good night of no dinner to speak of and a HUGE piece of her friend's birthday cake!  It was awesome!

Here are the past few photos I've taken for my project including some notes below.  It is 4:30pm today and I still don't have any idea what my photo should be.  Hmmmm...

I post my daily photos on my Facebook Business Page.  I post here, generally, so my Mother can see them - she still has dial up and is not on FB!

Day 54 -> 37.7. We just put Astrid's big girl bed together and it is a pretty big deal around our house. When we said our nightly prayers last night she made sure to add that she was SO thankful for her big girl bed.

This is us reading a book just before her nap this afternoon. She is currently sleeping as I upload this photo...but NOT in this bed...She climbed up and snuggled into her old bed which has been converted back into a crib for Baby. It sits opposite her bed in their shared bedroom.

You know I was a bellyaching fool this morning looking through all these photos I have taken so far. It was overwhelming, really. Astrid didn't know what to do with me...She was very concerned and gave me so many kisses. She couldn't tell whether I was happy or sad. Maybe I couldn't decide either.

I must be close to delivery... I'm so emotional and really just feeling so very very lucky in life. I know everything is going to change around the corner, and mostly I'm excited, but there are parts of me that are clinging to THIS happiness I have right now with Astrid. Life is so BIG and WIDE and WONDERFUL with her RIGHT NOW.

I had a funny thought this morning that my photo album should include a shot of me grabbing desperately for that Pepcid Complete bottle, again, or running to the bathroom for the umpteenth time, or struggling to put my socks on in the morning....but alas, no. I think I'll stick to the more positive parts of pregnancy...

Day 55 -> 38 wks. NATURE: I am at home here in the cottonwoods, ponderosa pines, and surrounded by wildflowers in the Spring. Outside is my favorite place to be. Mountain biking, running, kayaking, skiing, pondering...being. My entire pregnancy with Astrid up until two days before I gave birth I was tramping to the top (or NEAR the top) of Mt Sentinel.

I hear a lot of things while I'm outside. The obvious - bird songs, leaves falling, my dog having fun in the river... And not so obvious...the ones you really REALLY have to listen for... The sound of the trees whispering a secret, stories of loved ones who have passed, the wind's embrace... the sound of your own heart... singing.

Astrid is our outdoor girl, and I can only hope that this next one shares our family's passion for wild places and getting out and being part of nature.

Day 56 -> 38.2. We had to go back up to my friend's house to find my camera remote this afternoon. I have been scouring my camera bag, pocketbook, just everywhere for it. I obviously can do the job without it - I've been using my intervalometer most of the time....The remote just makes life a little easier. As I suspected it was wedged between the seat and backrest of the Henry J I posed in last week.

I was glad to have a reason to go up for a visit since I wanted to get a shot of us next to this beautiful green Ford pickup.

Hmmmmmm, I wonder if anyone can tell I photoshopped the hole in my jeans to try to fool you into thinking that I don't wear these jeans every single day of my life!!!! he he he he! Seriously, I DOOOOO wear these jeans almost every single day of my current life!!! I try to wash them every once in a while, though.


I better think of something for today pretty QUICK!  Oh, inspirational muses come to me, now!!!!!

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