Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm here!

Just a little note to say that I'm still here and we have lots of news to report.  I have had a hard time finding time to sneak an entry about Campbell's birth story, but I'm hoping I'll be able to on Monday afternoon.

I wanted to post what ended up being the last two photos for my self-portrait project that ended the day Campbell was born (May 14th)...along with my notes for each.  I enjoyed this project so much and after Campbell's birth there was a monstrous void that was left so I decided to start another project "Self Portraits: My New Life".  Obviously I will not be able to post something every day, but I'm thinking it will be frequent.  I'll post some of those in the next entry, as well.

Day 66 -> 39.5. REFLECTION. Today was the first day I REALLY REALLY felt tired. It set in around 10 am and lasted all day. I had nagging cramps all night, and between that and the 400 tinkle breaks... I got no sleep last night. The excitement is building around here and the frequency of calls from loved ones is increasing with each passing day. Everyone is excited to meet this little one.

I am LOVING this weekend. It has been hot enough to pop the sweet scent of lilacs in the Missoula Valley. My friend Margaret made me a bouquet from her lilac bush (behind me) and the scent has infiltrated my house. I am one happy mama!

Day 67 -> 39.6. MOTHER'S DAY - RELAXATION. Today was such a great day! Jeff and Astrid took me out to breakfast... then we did a whole bunch of outside chores that needed to be accomplished around the house. Had lunch. Then we camped out in the backyard doing THIS all afternoon in 80 degree weather. At one point Jeff even got in the pool with Astrid. It was one of those days I wanted to pinch myself it was so good.

Here is a peek at our new little girl:  Campbell Genevieve Moore.  Oh my goodness, she is so special.

Someone is quite smitten with their new sister.  She has so much love for this little nugget, you have no idea.  I love to see them together.

So, more to come on Monday - but I think I made it through the thick of the baby blues.  I knew I was in trouble when I was stopped at a stoplight last Monday when the girls and I were on the way downtown, and noticed a Mama bird hopping along the sidewalk collecting a beak full of twigs.  I started crying and didn't know if I would stop.  It felt good to cry, but a little out of control, too.  Astrid said "Mama are you laughing and crying at the same time?"  I said "yes, I sure am!"  I'm not sure she knew what to make of me.

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