Tuesday, April 10, 2012

self portrait of the day - update

My project hit 34 days today.  When I first started this - I knew somewhat what I was getting myself into - I just wasn't completely sure I could pull it off.  There are two photos that I wish I could just erase from the collection (day 6 and 26), but I have to be happy given time constraints, etc.  I have been to lots of varied locations in Missoula and surrounding area...but these last few days, I'm finding that I am fitting this project more gracefully into my daily life.  Not trying to go to out of my way to grab a shot.  It's where I am.  Again, they are not necessarily award winning, but they are real life...  I will go to some other spots that I've been eying, but for now, it is helping me not to feel so overwhelmed with all the things life can fill up with.

I strongly encourage a project like this for any photographer out there.  It has challenged me to look at things with a more photographically creative eye on a daily basis, and has educated me to more swiftly and acurately control certain mechanics and functions of my camera I couldn't have learned any other way but trial and error.  In fact, it has helped me discover that I would like to have an ongoing daily (or weekly) project like this at all times.  It has helped me grow!  After I have this baby and this project is complete, I will start something new and exciting and I already have a million ideas swimming around in this head of mine...  I can't wait to announce what it will be!

The following are the photos I captured over the past 14 days, plus some of my notes about each.

I upload the new photos to my Facebook Business Page each day....and post them here when I get a chance.

Day 21 -> 33.2. REFLECTION: Today's bus ride and stroll around the downtown begged the storefront refection photograph. I was diggin' the vibrant colors in one of my favorite stores (Loopy Knit Crochet) which we couldn't resist going into this morning!!!! Astrid was pretty handy at winding my yarn!!!

Day 22 -> 33.3. REAL LIFE: When I look at this photo I realize so many ways I could have made it more remarkable....like if I had taken the time to get the tripod out of the car and set it back from the computer screen. You would have seen the absolute pig sty of a desk I have been working from, and the toys over every square inch of my living room. But, this nice crop, neatens it all up nicely, now, doesn't it!

Baby Moore #2 you will know all the girls in this photo soon (including your sister, Astralita and cousin Ella)....And do you see that beautiful woman?....the one there on the left? She's pretty darn important, Baby....that's my SISTER!!! Your Auntie Genevieve!!!!! We like to Skype from time to time. We are already planning a Skype meeting for the day you come home so you can meet!!!

Day 23 -> 33.4: Riding the "Easy" lift at Discovery. Oh what a day oh what an adventure! - Astrid's first ski experience!!! We drove over to the mountain with friends this morning and when we arrived there was no power. They were running one of the lifts on diesel, but the bunny slope lift was not operating. After renting skis for Astrid we tried to make the best of it by giving her lessons on how to make the pizza pie and snow plow... and our friends Sharon and Jessie decided to go on the main lift for a run (Jessie, now 5, is a seasoned skiier after a season on the slopes). My girl had the biggest melt down in her life (I'm not being theatrical, it's true) since she wanted to go up that lift, too with absolutely no training on how to get down the mountain.

Mama, 8 months pregnant, was in tears, too, after 25 minutes of trying to reason with an inconsolable noodle screaming, kicking, puddle of a heap on the ground in the snow... I was so sad this was her first experience and it was ruined because of things that were out of our control (the power outage). I felt so helpless and weak with round ligament pain with heavy ski boots on and being so pregnant, and my reaction time to Astrid's flailing kicks with those rock hard ski boots on nearly destroyed my resolve. By the time Astrid finally recovered during lunch it was close to 1pm and we still hadn't even skied one run yet.

The bunny lift was finally operating and Astrid ended on a good note today when she skiied down the bunny slope 4 times in a row (once with Mama on skis)! Each time landing on the bottom of the hill saying "Let's do that again!"

This photo was taken with the wrong lens (50mm) but I didn't want to lug my larger lens with me...not much but my belly fits under my down coat these days...

I am paying dearly in round ligament pain tonight but it ended up a great experience...tears and all.

Day 24 -> 33.5. Today might have been our last ice fishing day at the lake... I was blinded by the sun (forgot my sunglasses at home) and my eyes were slits the entire day... Skaggy's pads got sore from running after the ball so many times on the ice and snow so I let her curl up in Jeff's chair and get up off the slush in the afternoon. For a good part of the day I sat there and listened to snow melt! I am so excited to see the wildflowers show up on the mountainsides!

Day 25 -> 33.6. OK, this may be my least creative shot so far. I hope to get much more creative with the next photo!!! It was so difficult to find focus on my belly at f/2.8. I do love the window light and I really wanted to get a shot of the basketball, so here's one for memory's sake! My belly button popped out last week!!!!

Day 26 -> 33.7. Me and my four legged girl. I need to be happy with with whatever I get, especially when time doesn't allow. Right? Right.

Day 27 -> 34 wks. MY BABIES: One of my dearest friends Holli Nicknair did a cast of my bump when I was 34 weeks pregnant with Astrid. I have tried it on from time to time in this pregnancy with baby #2 and today marks 34 weeks! The cast, although it looks like a mirror image, doesn't quite fit me yet and I was surprised. According to this cast I carried Astrid lower, too. I love that this photograph shows both my babies.

I took this in our spare room using natural light from a nice big window... but I might have also liked to shoot it in my studio downtown...

Day 28 -> 34.2. Knitting a baby blanket for Baby Moore #2.

Day 29 -> 34.3. Showing off my 2nd favorite piece of equipment for this self portrait project - my remote. My fave is my intervalometer (and of course my camera and lenses!!!!!)

Day 30 -> 34.4. Really!?!? 30 days of self portraits! No way I can stop now!! This was taken on the most wonderful day near Seattle. We had a great day as a family....Seattle Aquarium, Fish & Chips on the Waterfront, and some beach time on a day that was forecast to rain!

Day 31 -> 34.5. SHADOWS LIE. This shadow is not telling the truth, so I had to angle the camera down a little so you could get the real story!

Day 32 -> 34.6. Waiting for our fourth hand.

Day 33 -> 34.7. The last five days have been knitty. I'm almost done my blanket for Baby Moore...all but the purple. I was bored in the car on the long drive home so I used the passenger vanity mirror to get creative. 

 Day 34 -> 35 wks.  Our first night of many to come painting outside together this year.  I've got double duty as the Chuck-It ball launcher for Skagit...  She's out of breath in this photo, but begging me to pick it back up again (notice the orange Chuck-It in the bottom right of the frame).  Astrid is in the dress "Grandma" Easter Bunny got her for Easter!  This morning she dug it out of the dirty clothes basket and wore (again) it for a third day in a row!!  Life is good!

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Summer Nicklasson said...

Darlin, you are BEEYOOTIFUL! My heart swells looking at your pictures and your obvious excitement about your growing family. Love and blessings to you my dear.