Sunday, April 29, 2012

a matter of time...

The project hit 53 days today.  I bet you're wondering if I think of anything else?  Yes, I certainly do, but I don't have time to write it all down here.  I'll write some more of my thoughts a little later this week.  The time is drawing near for us to welcome another little one into the world and we've been busy this weekend...setting up Astrid and baby's shared bedroom.  I can't wait to show you a photo of Astrid's big girl bed tomorrow...  She is overjoyed!

Here are my last several self-portraits of the day along with some notes for each.  I upload my photos everyday to my Facebook Business Page.

Day 44 -> 36.4. This was so much fun! I just got a strap button put on my guitar this week and it reminded me that I should take a photo playing my guitar! SOOOOOOO, while little Miss Astrid was napping this afternoon I played some chords and sang along. It felt so good to take the time for music (and photography) this afternoon.... it always makes me feel so good!

Day 45 -> 36.5. Tonight we rode to one of our favorite neighborhood hangouts. Our sandy beach is currently under water, but we found some cool rocks that found their way into our pockets for our collection...

Day 46 -> 36.6. Now THIS is a tall girl tub! My friend Wilson has this tub out behind his shop....and when it caught my eye from across the yard I knew this would be the focus of my photo for today. He uses this for a watering trough for neighboring horses, but it is an old cowboy tub.

I must have been a sight for friends Margaret and Susie when getting out of this thing to mess with the camera between shots... Tonight marks the first time I have ever had an audience for my photo (besides Astrid), and I was so nervous. I feel most comfortable BEHIND the camera lens.

Wilson also has a 1951 Henry J that he is working on. I was so tempted to take some photos in it - but I want to use it for an official self-portrait of the day - so I'm saving it for tomorrow or later this week.

Day 47 -> 36.7. Ok, kiddo, I'm going to level with you, you're a kickin' FOOL! SOOO different from Astrid in the womb (my mellow and funny hiccup girl). I have felt you kicking since 16 weeks...just after the 10 weeks of nausea finally subsided. You made me SO sick, and I think that I needed to feel you kick to continue to believe that you were actually going to make it. You are such a strong "survivor", baby, and I can't wait to meet you very soon!

By the way, you will know this woman very well! She is part of our friend "family" here in Missoula ~ "Auntie" Kathy.

Skagit could care less what is going on here in our little huddle, her ball is just out of frame, and she is hoping that we'll finally stop whatever it is we are doing, grab the Chuck-It, and THROW IT already.

Day 48 -> 37 wks. My Henry J shot almost didn't happen. There were serious gale force winds at our friends' home that overlooks the Missoula Valley.

I was hoping that Astrid would pose with me, and at first she showed interest, but then she took off in the yard, and this is me quickly trying to locate her. I was so worried that a tree would come down on her, or the wind would pick her little body up and take her away.

I'm glad that didn't happen...

Right after the shutter closed on this photo I raced over to where Jeff was and put him in charge of our little one!

Day 49 -> 37.2. I didn't originally intend on such a serious looking shot today, but I liked it the best of all. I had fun shooting through this fence while Astrid was playing on the slides behind me.

I'm in love with my 50 mm and I decided to shoot it at a VERY shallow depth of field.

Day 50!!! -> 37.3. I had planned to do my photo at the old Ceretana grain silo along the train tracks, but the weather took a turn for the worse and the rain decided to come down in sheets... I only had an hour so I had to think of a plan B. I had considered using Astrid's colorful "Hello Kitty" umbrella and stomp through some puddles, but I couldn't put a concept or plan together at the silo...


Nearby there is this abandoned house I've been admiring for a VERY VERY long time. The rain let up a little and since I wasn't angling the camera/lens up to the sky I was able to use some clothing to protect my camera from the elements.

I just love this beautiful little house... the vibrant colors in the trim, the old paint chipping off revealing more history, weeds taking over every square inch of the front yard. There were about a dozen red tulips just out of frame that still come up every spring that presented a nice contrast.

I'm starting to feel very nostalgic about this pregnancy. I'm on the last days of this long haul, and I feel so appreciative, so FULL, so full of anticipation, but wanting time to stand still for plenty of reasons...

I'm happy this house helped me tell part of my story today... I was at home here on it's beautiful rotting front porch in the rain.

Day 51 -> 37.4. READY TO RECEIVE. This one was sort of funny. I wish I had a photo stepping back from this scene - of how this photo was taken. I didn't have my tripod so I wrapped my camera strap around my neck twice (nearly exfixiating myself), and balanced my heavy camera and lens on my face wedging it against my left bicep/shoulder. I set a 2 second timer so I had a chance to quickly slip my right hand up into frame after focusing on my left hand.

We are ready with open arms to receive this little one whenever he/she decides to join the world outside the womb.

Day 52 -> 37.5. I took this photo in the old plywood building at the Bonner Mill site. I knew this was going to be a dynamic spot for a photo since there was a monstrous puddle of water in the foreground. The buildings are unfathomably large (and TALL, as you can see in the reflection!!!) and I was loving the colors and quality of light entering this particular corner of the building.

I had Jeff step into frame to help me get focus (Astrid and Skag were waiting patiently in the car) since he was there and it sure beats trying to get focus on an inanimate object if I don't need to.

I took several photos of myself in this scene, but I decided blending a shot of both Jeff and I in Photoshop might be really cool... and I really like the way it turned out.

What do you think?

Day 53 -> 37.6. Every weekend I look forward to my hikes with Annibell. It's usually just the two of us and our dogs, but since Astrid learned that "Auntie" Ann will be moving away from Missoula sometime this Summer, I can't shake her. She will do ANYTHING to be able to come with us...

I will go to the ends of the Earth to visit this woman, and have her be a part of my children's' lives. When she moves back to California, our friendship won't skip a beat.

Astrid is trying to copy exactly what "Auntie" Ann does! They both seem to be carrying quite high...

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