Friday, April 20, 2012

and it goes on...

I'm feeling so connected to this project and that is why it's difficult if I run out of time or if I don't make a good enough effort to get an image I'm proud of each day.  I have 43 images and today is day 44 of my project!  I wonder how many more days this project has?  I'm under a month til my due date, and Astrid came early.  We'll see.  I already have ideas for a "final" shot if I can actually pull it off!  Last night's photo was probably my least favorite of all (at the bottom of this post) - but since my last post I have had some great successes!  Let's see what you think.  Here are the last nine photos along with notes under each.  Photos are posted daily on my Facebook Page in my "self-portrait a day" album.

Day 35 -> 35.2. I almost didn't get this photo last night. I had an idea that I would take a night shot in downtown Missoula or hike up to the "M" late night and take a photo with the city lights in the background. I knew I was going to be downtown hosting our knitting group in my studio last night. To be safe, I probably should have taken a "provisional" photo earlier in the just didn't happen.

I'm very happy with the way this one turned out at 11:47pm, last night!! As it was I had to cover my camera and intervalometer with my sweater due to rain starting to fall!

Day 36 -> 35.3. I wonder if I like the story behind these images almost better than the images themselves? I'm not sure. This photo is nothing to write home about... but came about this evening after a string of somewhat unfortunate events including my dog bounding into the front seat of the car in a single bound and her paw landing full force smack in the middle of our take and bake More

Day 37 -> 35.4. Today we spent some time at the pool downtown. I thought the color of the water would be nice against the bump.

Today was a FULL day spent with my girls in the park, along the river, and ended with a date night with Jeff and some friends overlooking the beautiful Missoula valley!

Day 38 -> 35.5. For as long as I can remember I have had a penchant for old vehicles, especially the ones that have not been fixed up and given new life....but the ones that simply wait in the place that they have occupied for years and years...some of them losing the battle against Mother Nature and becoming a permanent part of the landscape...

I adore the way these old vehicles look with skin tones.

Our neighbor Tom gave us permission to use his beautiful truck for a little photo session, and while asking permission Astrid got to feed his ducks, chickens and also a couple mules who are staying in his paddock.

Day 39 - 35.6. The wall color in our bedroom has been a bone of contention since I painted it when Jeff was hunting a couple years ago... He calls it our "Shrek" room, but I think he secretly likes it. I am crazy about it in photographs.

I grabbed this butterfly that was sitting on my dresser thinking it would add a little color... I like the effect and the symbolism of this little creature. My sister, Genevieve hand painted it. It had fallen off a butterfly mobile she made for me a few years ago.

Day 40!! -> 35.7. I finished sewing up the seam and blocking the nesting boxes blanket for Baby Moore. I wish the seam could have looked more "seamless" but as it was it took me 2 hours of trial and error. I want to make an adult version of this someday and wrap myself in a rainbow.

Astrid thought I looked like a super hero. She wanted me to pretend I was flying. I took the shot of me "flying" - but it was not the's what we got instead.

...and another butterfly joined me, today, too.

Day 41 -> 36 wks. Hiking the "M" this evening we got some double takes on the well traveled 14-switchback trail... Out to HERE pregnant, tripod in one hand, camera dangling in the other, Skagit tangling us at every turn, me - directing both girls to one side or the other when people passed. We managed to have a lot of fun!

I usually have to carry Astrid at least a little bit. Tonight marked the VERY FIRST TIME Astrid walked up this far with no carrying! 'Bout time, little one! Seriously I was so proud of this girl of mine!

Day 42 -> 36.2. Tonight I had it in my head that I wanted to get another night shot. This time on the "M" trail. I played around with the ISO, focus and aperture, and found I liked this ghostly shot the best. I LOVE this town I call home! Missoula!!!! Astrid and this new little one will be natives of this place!

Montana is in our roots, I was telling Astrid today that her Great Grampy Eldred Folsom was born in Eastern Montana on a homestead in a place called Roundup. She and I agreed that we would make a trip over there to a rodeo to see some cowboys this summer (with Baby, of course, and maybe Dad).

Day 43 -> 36.3. Yes, this is a piss poor attempt. But staying true to my project, I'm posting it, here. Yes, I'm too long for this bathtub (at least for a photo), yes, my lens was not the right one to use, yes, there is a lot wrong with it.

...but, hey, it is what it is!
More to come soon!  
Hope you are documenting your life this week!!!!

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