Friday, March 9, 2012

self portrait of the day - a new photographic challenge for myself

I made an assignment for myself yesterday, and it has proved to be such a creative inspiration.  Some of you may have read my deeply personal account of our journey to a second child... and you may have drawn a conclusion that I had trouble emotionally investing in and getting attached to this (5th) pregnancy until somewhat recently.


So, in an effort to honor this soul and to document the last part of this pregnancy, the photographer in me decided to take one self portrait each day to add to a non-existent-until-now pregnancy journal for this little one...  It is not as easy as it may sound!  It has proven to be a bit challenging with depth of field, and I'm thinking the learning curve will be huge for me!  In the past I have used mirrors (is that considered cheating?), but I'm challenging myself to slowly branch out.

Today, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  A mixture of being so proud of my girl, Astrid, and all the laughing and fun we had getting our photo on a blue bird morning in a parking lot in downtown Missoula!  I wish I had set up my video camera to record the shenanigans....Astrid and I running back and forth from the camera every 10 seconds to start the timer again!  Oh my gosh it was so much fun!

I think this TOP photo is our OFFICIAL photo of the day....but I have added others as well.

I love this girl.

The photo on the left is Astrid helping me out at the beginning with focus and positioning... notice the X that we've marked on the ground.

I don't plan on posting every single day...but on the days I post I'll show you our faves.  I will post my daily photos on my FB Business page, every day, though!  Wish me luck!  I could have 68 or more images if I go to my due date or beyond!

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