Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This past weekend I got into my new studio for a few hours of getting acquainted with the equipment!!  Yes, NEW STUDIO!  I share it with talented colleagues Youa Vang and Maureen Roy!

There will be more information on my studio soon (after Christmas), but right now I'm in the process of a HUGE project for Christmas.  My Great-Grandfather Eugene had a camera that shot Stereo Film.  I don't know exactly which model he had but it might have looked something like this:
(I found this image online)

Dad inherited a bunch of the slides that Grampy Gene took in the 50s and 60s.  I have been meaning to do this project for years and finally decided that this is the year!  Soooo, this past weekend I took some easy and interesting subjects into my studio for fun.  Here is the Kodaslide 3D stereo slide viewer, the 3D slides, and one of the two storage boxes he had for the hundreds of slides in the collection.

I will post some photos on my personal FB site and more here after the holidays.

One other thing I brought in to photograph was my pregnancy cast, from my pregnancy with Astrid.  I might get rid of it at some point but I wanted to be able to honor it in come way....therefore I photographed it.  I plan on getting some photos of it outside in the Springtime, as well.
my belly      &     the setup

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