Friday, August 5, 2011

hello. goodbye.

These last few weeks we've had lots of hellos and goodbyes.

Hello Annibell

Hello Jen
Etching memories and sealing them with a dip in the frigid waters of the Stillwater.  Jen (right) just got back from a year in New Zealand.

Goodbye (for now) Monica, Ruby (and Matt).  I have a feeling you'll be back.

Hello cool morning mountain bike rides with my four legged gal.

Goodbye... water that finally receded this month on the Clark Fork, near our house.
I'm standing where there was water one month ago.

Mother Nature completely changed the landscape here.  See that sandbar across the river?  That's brand new.  AND we used to be able to walk another 200 feet (on land) North to the river to a rocky beach.  She's powerful stuff!  I do love the way she's rearranged this section of river, but this neighborhood could have done without the water in their basements.  It is nice to change things up.
Massive, I'm talking MASSIVE wood pile.  Lines upon lines of these debris piles were strewn throughout the cottonwoods as far as I could see.

Remind me not to go back to this area until FALL.  I think Skagit and I lost a pint of blood while we were there.
Hello...eating late dinners on the porch.

...hanging with Dad on the dock.

Hello... weather for spending time with friends outside.

...and catching fish at the lake.
She reeled this one in all by herself.  She's an old hand.

 and noticing the small stuff.

...and for this.

Hello pumpkin plants taking OFF!..and stealing Mr. Cucumber's light.  Next year I will know to separate you two and give you each a little more growing room.

A whole new discovery.  Each time Astrid looks under the leaves of the pumpkin plant she says it is a "Fairy House".

Goodbye..."perfect" sunflowers in Astrid's garden... Hello sunflowers...with a story.  Deer hit the garden hard two nights ago.  Hail pummeled it two weeks ago.
Here are some of our holey, half eaten sunflowers we think are absolutely perfect.  We are enjoying the garden more than I ever imagined possible this Summer.  Beyond my wildest dreams.  I will always have a garden.
Hello... hot afternoons... riding to our local swimming hole to cool off.

I have no idea why I took this photo.  The photo of the day would have been Skagit FLYING through the air fetching her ball.  I threw the ball from her Chuck-it 50+ times.

Hello... warm mud puddles after a massive afternoon thunder and lightning storm.
silly goose

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