Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a GOOD tired

Astrid and I sat heaped on the cool kitchen floor sharing a cold piece of leftover pizza yesterday afternoon, tired, hot and somewhat disheveled.  I cooled off from the 90 degree day outside and reveled in our accomplishments.  It was worth every single bit of energy it took for me to pack, drive, and propel my daughter and I to another memorable night in the wilderness with friends.  With a small child these kind of trips can seem monumental.

My friend Monica and I finalized plans for a hike near the Dearborn River last week, and we headed to the trailhead off Highway 200 late Monday morning.  It was another stroller adventure this year with plenty of room on the private roads and single track (little tricky at times on the single track with roots and steep inclines).  We didn't go in far, we just got in as far as the wilderness boundary and set up camp for the night.  The weather conditions were perfect and the surreal rocky backdrop - stunning.

Astrid was pretty high maintenance compared to other trips we have taken, though.  It was unexpected, although it shouldn't have been.  We had to especially keep watch over her with Ruby since she was treating her as an equal instead of a 14-month old.  Astrid was overtired and being dragged over the countryside camping for the two days leading up to the trip may have had something to do with it (zero quality naps).  Little darlin' especially needed me [in the tent] while she was falling asleep.  Once Monica and I crawled out of our respective tents with our girls fast asleep around 9:30 we enjoyed a small campfire and some good conversation, with the perfect amount of wind to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

The next day, despite a flat tire on our way out to the main road, we made it home in time for a hot date with my husband of 8 years!

Here are some of the images of our trip.
Monica taking a turn pushing the gals.

Ruby & Astrid

A stop by the river to filter some water, while Ruby attempted a nap in the tent.

Finding treasures.

"Are you coming, guys?  Follow me."

The Dearborn River.

Our companions for the night.

A little entertainment while I was setting up my tent.  I think it was Little Bunny Foo Foo.

My girls cozy in the tent.

"Good mornin' sunshine!"

Our kitchen area - at breakfast.

Lady Slipper Orchids. (Other wildflower spottings of note from the trip were Wild Irises and Bog Wintergreen!)

My turn to push for a while - on the way out.

Fresh bear scat.

I can't wait til our next trip.  I may attempt it without the magical stroller next time.  We'll see.

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