Tuesday, April 19, 2011

unplugged, recharged

Hi there.
Didya miss me?

I cut 7 or 8 inches off my head last week and I feel like a new woman!
 I have been unplugged from this blog for over a month, now.  We took a ten day family vacation to Hawaii and have been home for about two weeks...  Some family and friends are left wondering 'why hasn't she posted?'

Here's a big reason why....  I've been working on my business in the small amounts of time I have had to work these days, and I'm happy to be able to offer something I've been thinking about over the long Winter months.  Mother's day is around the corner!  So.......it's time to get Mama out from behind the camera!
I have 3 openings left!
I'm really excited about this Mini Session day since I got permission to shoot for the day at this amazing ranch overlooking the Missoula Valley (thank you, Erin, Terry and Ann!!!).  I'm in the process of finding some cool props (thanks, Keri!).  Where would I be without my friends?

Well, there is lots of catching up to do!!  But there's a start!


Dietlind said...

my god woman, you just get more and more gorgeous...healthy, glowing, and doing good things! go ebeth.

Summer Nicklasson said...

YES I DID MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!