Wednesday, March 16, 2011

state of flux

Someone turned Winter off last week and it really looks like Spring is Springing! The snow has melted and the dog poo in the front yard has been almost completely uncovered! I think I picked up a 5 lb bag already!

We've been emersing ourselves in the enjoyment of Spring weather! Today we saw a female Northern Flicker (20 feet away), and a gaggle of geese frolicking in what appeared to be an orgy on the river!! (Thankfully Astrid wasn't quite sure what was going on...)

I love that smell of mud and dirt and the promise of life in Spring. It reminds me of my childhood. We love stomping through mud puddles around here in the afternoon.

I've been taking this class two evenings a week for the last few weeks and I love when I leave now there is still a hint of light on the horizon.

There is so much more I want to write but I am on a timeframe today. But, I just wanted to post a few photos.

Happy Spring!

Here are my new biz cards that I'm so excited about!  I chose 50 different images when designing them!

This is the tutu that we couldn't leave the store without last week...I can't seem to get it off her, nor would I want to.

I finally got Astrid to let me braid her hair!!!  Then, she attemped to braid mine, but mostly, it hurt.

I think this was our 5th stop on our excellent roadtrip back from Idaho.  Poor little darlin' just kept losing the urge each time we got unloaded.  Hippie waits patiently for his girl (he blends in with the snow so well you can barely see him!)

This is my little buddy The Northern Flicker who frequents our backporch when there is birdseed out there!  I'm sure the crumblets on his beak give him away!!  As a side note:  This lens got drenched in the Smith River 12 years ago - Surprisingly, it still does a pretty good job.


Anonymous said...

Your photos are as beautiful as you are! Beautiful life :) Brudy

Angel said...

Love her braids!! Good Job Mama and Astrid! :)

Summer Nicklasson said...

Your pictures, as always, are inspiring. And I am LOVING that picture of your little Astrilita on her pee pot in the snow! LOL!