Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ski a little, knit a little

Last weekend some girlfriends and I braved the frigid weather we were having in Western Montana to ski somewhere new (and knit).

We went to Homestake Pass to rent a yurt for a couple nights.  It was fantastic to have clear blue sky to ski under.  The only downside to clear was that the yurt was SO DARN COLD that first night.  We later found out that the low that night was a chilly -22 degrees.  Food and water was literally freezing on the side of the yurt opposite the tiny was freezing on the other side of the futon we had slid over to within 1 foot of the woodstove to keep warm!  I have a mental picture of what the 6 of us looked like that first night huddled close together around the fire.  Four lined up on the futon, and two on either side of the woodstove....all with our down coats, hats, and boots on....down sleeping bag draped over the four on the futon.  All of us knitters...but not one was warm enough to pull out a knitting project.  The single thing that warmed us all up at who-knows-what-wee-hour was "Catch Phrase".  A battery operated game that got the blood pumping!  I'm sure the Canadian whiskey that was passed around helped to warm us a little, too.

Skiing in that first afternoon.
Our home for a couple nights on the pass.

Monica pulled in the pulk!
On the second day of skiing after lunch a few of us went on a longer skate ski. We skiied up this long gradual slope (an out-and-back).  At the top there was a killer view of the Tobacco Root Range (one of my favorite ranges in the state).  I will definitely go back in the Summer for mountain biking or in the Winter for skiing again someday.

Huddled around the small woodstove....Photo taken before we rearranged the furniture.  So cozy!

My knitting (and adventure) pals, and a most delicious meal to share.  ISO 3200. he he he he!!

Three of us left early on Sunday morning to get back to Missoula.  I had fun playing around with ISO 6400.
The Sun in the process of waking up...

Upon my return home later that morning I learned that Jeff and Astrid had an adventure of their own the night before.  Astrid was sick and she had thrown up (for the first time in her life) twice in the middle of the night (in her crib and in our bed).  I was jolted back into my reality and I welcomed it with open arms.  It's nice to get away from time to time, and it is so nice to come home, too.  I made some coffee and French toast for Astrid and Jeff and I relaxed back into real life.

Daddy gets a star.  Thanks, Jeff!

p.s.  I didn't mention my knitting but there is another owl in the works....Her name is Agnes, and she's orange with a light brown chest, and I'm just loving her!

Here is one more recent guy I wanted to show you too!  This is "Boris the Button Eater".  I won't give you the long story, but he was donated to the Selway Bitterroot Foundation last week for their annual fundraiser.  I hear he found a nice home.

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