Sunday, February 20, 2011

time to burn...unexpectedly

This afternoon I wish I was "up on B"...drinking tea...and knitting with Ma while my sister works on some dolls she's been anxious to complete...

I'm incredibly envious that Genevieve is home (in Houlton) with her children for an extended weekend in the County...  I'm glad she is there, though.  She has been working so hard (two jobs) and she so deserves a break.

This week:

I don't know why I feel the need to tell you this image sucks since it was taken by my cell phone....but I DO!  I didn't think I could carry my SLR along with all the books from the library I knew we'd check out, and Astrid's bag, too!

I learned the three hundred thoudandth reason I am glad I live in here.  We happened upon another wonderful way to spend a morning in Missoula.  Astrid and I rode the Mountain Line bus (Missoula's public transportation) to the Library and back on Wednesday.  I don't know why we hadn't done it before now!  It was brilliant!  Oh my gosh it was quite a fun outing.  In our rush to make it out our front door I forgot to consider what time the library opened it's doors!  We took the 8:15 and were at the library at roughly 8:45.  WAAAAAAAAy too early!  It didn't open until 10, so we had time to burn.  I don't know the last time I had time to burn. When was the last time YOU had time to burn?  I figured that was a thing of the past.

We walked the downtown streets of Missoula as HUGE snowflakes melted on our faces, rested on our eyelashes and helped reinvigorate our curls...  We had fun catching snowflakes with our tongues.

We rode an elevator (and Astrid hit got to hit all the buttons, EXCEPT the RED alarm button, mind you) to visit Dad in his office.

We glanced through the windows at Loopy (I love the display in their front windows this month, by the way!).

We had chocolate milk and coffee and shared a bagel at Butterfly Herbs... We rummaged through all the cool stuff for sale at the front of the store.  Something awakened in me at Butterfly.  Butterfly Herbs is one of the first coffee houses I frequented when I moved here in '97.  Fourteen years later with my child in tow, I felt new again.  It's a feeling I have a difficult time describing, but it helped me feel like a traveler again.  And, really, if you think about it, I AM a traveler...even now, but it just looks a little different.  My traveling, apparently, is limited to riding the public transportation.....he he he!!!  But seriously.  It felt good.

We lost track of time at the library once we got back there, checked out 18 books and tore out of the place to catch that 11:35 bus outside the door.

Sitting just behind the driver we had a chance to learn all the ins and outs of the route, and a little about the bus driver, too!
Home by noon.

It was a morning that wouldn't have happened the way it did if I had driven my own vehicle.  We will be riding the bus again soon.  I loved slowing things down a little.  I highly recommend this trip!

Another highlight of the week was a job I had at The Shirt Shop.  It was a photographer's dream, really.  The line, color, and texture was pouring out of the place.  Here are some of the images I captured:

I spent some time with my girl, Skag, alone this week.
yarrow and snow...and sky

Grand Mount Sentinel.

Today we went skiing with Lisa, Ana and Ellis.  I got a workout and started to sweat in the parking lot!!  Astrid is getting SO BIG!

I was hoping that we could ski for atleast an hour up the trail to catch up with Lisa, but my girl (for the first time ever in the history of our times in the outdoors) asked to "go home".  I knew it had to be serious.  I asked several times why...but simply got "cuz, yes".  So, Astrid and I turned around early and by the time we got back to the car Astrid was crying softly in the backpack.  She was so cold.  Poor little darlin.  She had been out for an hour and a half without moving and she was so cooooold.

Just before we turned around I tried on Astrid's sunglasses....I was hoping we could slide down on our sled or put Astrid on her new cross country skis again - but, no.  She was most happy and secure on my back.  Lisa continued up the mountain without us...  We'll catch up soon, my friend.

I hope your upcoming week includes something completely unexpected, and refreshing!!!!!  What a gift!

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