Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have a weakness for anything and everything handmade.  I love love love making things.  Paper things, wooden things, knitted things, fabric things...  I also love receiving handmade items from loved ones.

Some of you know that Jeff and I are in the process of making a dollhouse for Astrid with our friend Wilson at his shop.  This past weekend I put in some more time at the shop and I still can't decide if it is for me or my daughter!  I'm hoping she'll at least share it with me... 

Here's how it's shaping up after paint:

Speaking of handmade.  This little gal named Ella B came to live with us the other day.  My sister Genevieve made this especially for Astrid for Christmas.  It was such a wonderful surprise to get it in the mail.  She also made the sweetest little dress for Astrid that I have yet to wrangle onto her.  I'm sure I'll snap some photos of her in it for the next blog entry.

Oh, the excitement!  Notice Skagit, too.

"Mama, she's just hugging my legs!"

Knitting. Handmade.  Astrid and her friend Jessie in their Milos last week.
Astrid just loves Jessie.  The pic on the right might be pre-pucker or post secret....

I wasn't able to get many pics since Jessie finally got tired of waiting for Astrid to stop running around and stand still for me!  He he!

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