Saturday, October 9, 2010


It's not my real birthday but it is my 1 year knitting birthday today, and to celebrate I'm making something for myself.  I know, I know, I have made about a hundred puppets for myself.  It's no secret around the Moore household.  When Astrid drags the bag of puppets out she always calls them Mama's puppets, and Jeff thinks I'm crazy whenever he sees another one appearing (on my needles) before his very eyes.

Anyway, this is the first adult sized garment I have attempted.  Astrid and I just picked up the yarn at Loopy yesterday.  Whadoyathink?
I hope I don't end up looking like a purple-people-eater, but I wanted to choose something colorful (looks good on the model)!  Everything in my wardrobe is neutral...

I am currently knitting Astrid's halloween costume, but this project (for me) is next.
Speaking of Astralita.  This morning I answered her little call "Mamiyamo...Mamiyamo" (one of her words for mama) I could almost feel the heat radiating from her before I entered her door.  Our girl was feverish.  I immediately stripped her down, gave her some motrin and pulled her into bed and nestled her between us with no covers on. 

We were really looking forward to today, since we were hoping to go to half the Griz game in hopes of seeing Monte, Mo and Rocky.  Instead, Dad went to the game while the two of us snuggled under varying layers of blankies in the living room, sucking on orange juice popsicles, sipping ice water, reading books, playing games, watching the Griz game on t.v.

I gave Astrid a lukewarm bath this afternoon in hopes of bringing her body temp down, but the o.j. popsicles were the only thing that did the trick.  Hippy's tail sure got some suck time.
I feel so helpless when Astrid is sick.
I got some knitting done when Astrid finally fell asleep...Astrid's costume...... Magical Magenta!

This is "Green Bean" the newest addition to the puppet family (before/after felting).  He's stirring things up around here already.
 I have lots more to catch up on regarding this blog.  I have been such a blog-slacker these last couple weeks.  I will try to post again tomorrow with lots more photos!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, yippee!

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Summer Nicklasson said...

a) Poor Astrid! I hope she's feeling better.
b) Happy knitting birthday. I'm impressed you remember the exact date.
c)That dress is super cute. But so are those LEG WARMERS! You should try those bad boys out too!

I've been knitting a ton lately too. Something about the cool air just makes me want to have my knitting needles in my hands. Wish we could knit on the sidelines while our girls played together. Maybe one day...