Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the last bits

Today is the last "official" day of Summer and it is not very Summery out there...but we have been squeezing the life out of the last little bits this past week or so.

I shot a wedding for friends at their home on September 11th.

I had a Sunday afternoon session with a silly brother-sister pair, Claire and Benjamin:

...and out to the river one evening with some dear friends.

Kayla is a senior this year:

We watched the last Summer sunrise at the lake...then after breakfast we loaded into the canoe for our ritual loop around Turtle Island.  While on the water we noticed the coolest clouds overhead.

Later that day we floated a stretch of the Clark Fork with our girls:
...and Astrid exposed her toesies.
We shared some hot cocoa. 

We played in the sand under a big beautiful sky. 
Tell me, what's better than this on a Sunday afternoon?: 


Today, we ventured over to Missoula Maze to mark the end of Summer with some great friends.  They offer free pony rides Tuesdays ~ and we were all over it!
"Thanks for the ride, Fizzy." 
 The little boy was showing Astrid and Ro how to pat the horse.
My little Irish lassie, Erin, her wee lad, Sean Michael, and a goat's bum.
"Here, Chicky, Chicky, Chicky..."  The petting zoo was the biggest hit with my girl.
Ro Ro rockin' the swing ....       Astrid rockin' her new glasses.
 The gals helping Christina walk Fizzy to the water...and balancing on the giant tires.

I'm always a little emotionally mixed this time of year when Summer disolves and Fall settles in. I love Fall, but I love the light that Summer brings, and I will be looking forward to seeing her again next year...  Happy Fall Equinox!


erin O'Riordain said...

Ah, that photo of Ro and Astrid climbing over the giant tire is soo cute! What a grand day we all had together!

Love and shamrocks,


Ebeth said...

Yes, Erin! I love the little bums in the air, struggling to get to the top of that big thing! You guys helped to make it SO FUN!!!!!! Let's get together real soon!

Summer Nicklasson said...

Elizabeth you are such a talented photographer!