Friday, May 7, 2010

his name is...

...drum roll please.
What is this little guy's name???  Rodney. Biscuit. Clyde. Drake. Henry. Sassafras. Finbar. Petey. Little Do Do. Lilly. Humphrey. Norman. Wart. Kitty. Angus. Felix. Harriet. Rudy. Fireball. Finley. Doogal. Baby Darius. Snookums. Swix. Reuben. Basil. Archer. Remy. Ofus. Wahoooooglesnort. Earl. Finn.

NORMAN is his name folks!  Congratulations, Renee!  You can send me your mailing address to ebeth at ebethstudio dot com.

I know this may sound corny to some of you - but I feel badly.  I wish I could make everyone a puppet.  These names were way beyond what I thought we would get.  So imaginative!  Thank you so much for participating in this drawing and playing along with the fantasy - we certainly had fun with it this week!  AND if any of you are knitters out there - I will have the pattern on Ravelry at the end of this month....once I get back from our trip! (Even if you are NOT knitters it is a very easy pattern!  Maybe it could be your first project!)


I know I usually write something today:  "Favorite Things" Friday.  And today it would be FAMILY (since I'm going to see them!).

.....but alas, I'm frantically packing for a trip to California and Maine (leaving tomorrow night), working on last minute jobs for my husband's biz, locating important travel documents, cooking meals for a friend who just had a little girl on Cinco de Mayo...Welcome to the world little Isabella!!! 

It's a busy day! ~  So I'll write something NEXT Friday from Mom's house.

YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  California and Maine here we come!



Unknown said...

That was ADORABLE watching Astrid pick Norman's name!!! Thanks for the fun of it all!
I am buying neon socks to make"easy"puppets but will look forward to your pattern!You just never know, I may give it a try.

Meagan said...

It has been too long since I stopped by! This could be, hands down, the most beautiful portrait of your mother-gorgeous. I hope you are well, Astrid is just a perfect peach, give her a squeeze for me!