Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a childlike afternoon...

...dog poop on my leg, and ALL.


Today was one of those days.  Anyone with small children knows what I'm talking about.

I woke up very excited about my (our) plans today!  The weather simply wasn't appropriate yesterday to strap my toddler on and toddle my way to the top of the mountain.  It was cold and rainy and spitting snow intermittantly.  This morning it looked so promising.

I was in my workout clothes by 7am ~ Skag saw me and started running frantic circles.  I was tripping over her at every turn of our morning routine. (this is why I usually wait to change just before I go - it is torture for the poor thing.)

My plans to go to the mountain were quickly thwarted.  During breakfast Astrid was a total bear... a tooth making its way through the gums.  She looked tired, too, like she had tossed and turned all night.

9 am rolled around.  It was impossible to get a sweater on the child.  Shoes? ~ forget it!  The whole experience was exhausting...  Trying to put Astrid on my (selfish) schedule today.  Most of the time she goes right along with my plan...  Most mornings when asked if she wants to hike she will reply "hike" "mount" with a little nod...almost as if she would be walking all by herself.

This morning was not like most mornings around here.

By 10 am a nap was needed.  She woke up at about lunchtime.  I was still in my workout clothes, mind you, thinking maybe there's a chance after lunch?

We did get outside this afternoon but the wind had since picked up and it was pretty clear we wouldn't be charging up the mountain.  There would be even more wind 2,000 feet up, and it would take Astrid's breath away.


So, we stayed at Missoula's 3,200 ft and went on a Clark Fork River hike, instead.  It was mostly for my girls, but I got a lot out of it, too.  I wasn't worried about weight (and carrying extra) so I brought my camera and captured some moments.  Astrid got to "do self" (walk by herself - and not be in my "pak-pak" backpack).

For the record: the only wildflower we identified was "Napa-Weed" knapweed (unfortunately).  I tried to tell her about weeds, but she didn't understand.  She was more interested in digging in the sand on the trails and trying to get (too) close to the eroded edge of the river.  My girl is always pushing the envelope, you know.


She had a great time sitting in the crunchy leaves from last season at the base of some cottonwood trees.


Somewhere along the way she got poo on her shoe, and during one of the "Astrid pickups" it ended up on me.

I find the most fun happens when you can be open to it and let go of time for a while.  I allowed myself to be a child this afternoon letting Astrid show me how again.  She won't be this small forever so I'm enjoying every moment...  Poo and ALL.

There are only two more days until the puppet drawing!!  Astrid and I are taking name suggestions until Thursday night!  As I write this, "Stripey" (this is my name for him until he gets his "real" name) is just sitting here watching me, posed on my desk next to my computer monitor.  He's waiting with anticipation to find out what his name will be and where he's going this weekend.  Astrid plays with him from time to time and has shared plenty of snacks this week (well, more like shoved snacks in his mouth - so, there could be some crumbs in there when you get him), and he is very close with Skagit and simply can't stop sneaking kisses throughout the day (so you're warned:  There will be a healthy supply of Black Labrador hair woven in and stuck to him when he arrives at your door, too).

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