Tuesday, April 20, 2010

big gull

This week baby Astrid is 22 months old.  The photo session and bribes are getting more and more ridiculous....but I'm going to keep going with these month by month photos for as long as I can....mainly for the laughs the whole process provides and the photos are starting to make sense in a series...I don't want to miss a month.  I think the "outtakes" are by far the most entertaining, though (there were lots of them this month).


Astrid is getting more comfortable sitting on the potty and each time she crawls onto it she says "big gull" (big girl) with a big smile on her face.  At lunch the other day I gave her a tofu pup (she loves 'em) which she calls a "hot God".  She's got a mind of her own these days...and she is increasingly independent.  "DO SELF" is a phrase I hear constantly. (she wants to do everything herself).  Just so there is no confusion ~ when she wants me to help she says "Mama self".

I am, however, completely amazed that she continues to thrive in the backpack while we hike, even for long periods of time.  We hiked Sentinel yesterday and she was such a little trooper.  The beginning was a bit rough.  She kept pulling off her sun hat.  Finally, after about the third time I removed the backpack to replace her hat, I said that if she didn't wear the hat we would have to turn around and go home.  She left it on after that. hmmm - I'll have to remember that tactic again. 

As we neared the top of the mountain I checked on her little hands to see if they were cold.  They weren't but Astrid kept saying "Attie han code" (Astrid's hands cold), for some reason.  Then she moved on to kissing and kissing and kissing my hand that I had reached back.  It was so sweet.  Conversational Astrid didn't stop there...then she remembered the day before when I was pretending to race with her:  "Ready, GO!" "Go, Mama", and yanked on my braid a few times (I imagine in the scene I could be likened to a horse and my braid a reign? hmm).  I kept telling her that I couldn't go any faster with a 30 pound baby on my back...  But she didn't listen "Ready, GO!"..."Ready, GO!".  She was very encouraging and her little kisses and pep talk got us to the top!

On the way down we had the pleasure to see an uncharacteristically early larkspur along the trail along with sulfurflower and the yellow bells and shooting stars we had already seen.  We also saw a "My-pie" swoop over our heads (Magpie) near the bottom.


Last Friday my friend Lori watched Astrid and I took the day off from my mothering duties.  Sharon, Lisa and I started at the Jumbo saddle and walked in the woods for 7+ hours with the dogs.  It couldn't have been a more perfect day.


We picked up our little girls and met over at the Kettlehouse for a post-hike brew.  Why do Cold Smokes taste so good after being outside?
(love the mix of kid snacks, diaper bags, and beer glasses on the table!  Cheers, Jessie!)


I'm still not sure about my new "doo" (I was so ready for a change last week - as you may have guessed from my last post).  I am getting it lightened up this weekend (to cover some of the grey) , maybe I'll like it better then.
A year ago today - my little chunklet:

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