Sunday, April 25, 2010

artemis...i'm home.

As you may have noticed....I changed the name of my blog!  I have been thinking it was sort of cheesy (and too long) for quite a while now, and when I was recently on a hike with a couple friends I surmised I needed to come up with something different.

I have owned for almost 10 years, so the answer to my blog name dilemma was right there all this time, and it feels like home!

PhotobucketYou know if I've had a domain for 10 years, there's a story behind it - and you know have to tell it.

A friend of mine (Mike) gave me the nickname Artemis years ago.  He was very interested in Greek Mythology, in fact he really got me into Greek Mythology, and one day he just started calling me Art.  For my love of animals & wild places, I presume.  I guess IFwas a goddess, I would be Artemis.

About a year after I got the nickname I was considering a move into my own television production work.  (When I first moved to Missoula I worked for a company that produced fly fishing, duck hunting and photo safari shows for ESPN, ESPN2 and TNN.  I traveled all over the place, to wild places, remote rivers and streams in the company of some pretty amazing people (camera operators and hosts) who I ended up spending many long hours standing in rivers or camoflaged in duck blinds with.)

At the office I was the Production Manager, on location I was the Audio Technician.

Bolivia (I never wanted to leave this place!  I wanted to buy two trees and a hammock and live forever in the jungle. One of the camera guys and I jumped in the water on one of the opressively hot, humid afternoons on the Mamore River and swam with the piranas.  A little unnerving, but oh so refreshing and worth it in the end.):

(boy, do I have a story about our boat operator...I'll have to save it for another day.  "Quantos Kilos?")

Iceland: (ok, I didn't want to leave Iceland either!  I met a complete stranger and she and I flew up the west coast one night in a tiny Cessna when I was so sick I was dilerious - (not from flying - but from standing in river in the rain for days on end and staying up all night long every night in Reykjavik, but hell-bent on not missing a single second of the adventure...)  I lied about leaving my passport in the hotel so I wouldn't have to take a private jet with the rest of the crew back home from the Keflavik airforce base, so I could stay with some new Icelandic friends a little longer...)

Southeast Alaska: (Besides my face getting mutilated the first day from being whapped in the face by Devil's Club (following the cameraman too close hiking through the woods to the next pool) - this trip was spectacular.)


Honduras: (You can't tell from this picture, it's easy to forget when you are out in this beautiful scene, but we visited Honduras a year after Hurricane Mitch.  I was taken by the presence of machine guns at every business in Tegucigalpa, the amount of homeless people in the city, and the sheer amount of poverty in the country.  I would like to go back someday, and bring Jeff and Astrid.)

New Zealand: (I'm bummed I never got to fish on this trip....ok, who am I kidding, the crew barely ever got to fish on these work trips...but when I go back to New Zealand someday I dream we will travel by bicycle and carry our fly rods with us and sight cast to those big fat beautiful browns I saw in these crystal clear streams every day.)

After nearly 4 years of traveling...In 2001 I left the company and started Artemis Productions with a friend.  We produced two outdoor womens' programs.  One was called The Ultimate Lure (I bet you can guess what that was about), and Wild Women Outdoors (A multisport show about real women in their busy lives still finding the time to get outside and feed their passion for their particular sport).  I must upload these two 1/2 hour shows to the www at some point since they never got to see the light of day.

Just as we finished up the editing on these two pilot programs in California, September 11th 2001 happened and the advertising markets dropped out of the sky!  When this occurred and I decided to move on, it was difficult to let go.  I let go of everything else, but I held onto the domain...

...apparently, for just this occasion!


Art said...

I'm not entirely sure I like the name.


Summer Nicklasson said...

Dude! I had no idea you were so well traveled. What a groovy job!