Monday, February 8, 2010

could i have a few more hours in a day, there is too much life to soak in!

Today I'm so thankful to have some time to write.  I'm feeling a little crumby this morning.  My eyes are puffy and I'm achy...but feeling a lot better than last night.  Here, I was silly to think that I would escape Winter without getting sick...  The staying up until midnight is clearly catching up with me.

Life has been crazy these last couple weeks with working into the night on Flash projects, being a full time mama of a curious toddler, knitting and finishing up other home projects here and there, and running/hiking as much as I can with my pup.

Friday Skagit and I ran a route from the house and it was nice to have a spot we hadn't been to in a while for her to be off leash, as well.  It was so nice to start my day off that way, long before sunrise.



Last night I snapped some pics of Astralita in her new sweater.  The lighting (which was almost nill) and my somewhat uncooperative subject were a challenge.

I got some of the detail of Astrid's "owies" this morning.  I love it when she says "owies".  "Dude" and "ladder" might be two other favorites of the week.

I finally got Astrid's Owlet Sweater by Katie Davies done on Friday and I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I learned a few new techniques, too. Like, wrapping and turning, and also grafting (thanks to YouTube!). I didn't get a chance to get all the eyes on yet (due to that headache that settled in yesterday), but you get the idea. I am immediately making another one for her, too, with this yarn and off-white buttons all around.

I added to the puppet family since Christmas.  Once I got out of my puppet haze that I was in during the holidays (I made 6 puppets in a week and a half or something, it was crazy!) I came around to making 3 more.  I felted two of them and I'm so excited to show my knitting pals tomorrow night. 
(A close up of Penelope and Rafael - more pics once I add in their mouths and hair and eyes, etc).  They are for Astrid's puppet collection.  I think there might be some sort of love interested developing between Penelope and Clarence....but they would kill me if they knew I told you!  so.... Shhhhh...lets see what happens.

I am going to give my rough "Friendly Dragon" pattern to my friend Sharon this week to see if it is clear enough....and make sure hers turns out properly before publishing it on my blog and ravelry.  I'm so excited to share it soon!

And I'm working on something else, as well.  Here's a little hint:

   - -

Other Moore Family projects this weekend included painting, and taking the half-garage full of recycling away (that was truly satisfying to get that out of here)!  I do realize, as I write this, I should be rolling on some paint somewhere, but, it will have to wait until Astrid's afternoon nap.

   - -

One more thing I've been making lots of ~ sandwiches!  Not just any sandwich, friends, a sub!  And not just any sub, an Italian Sub.  My Missoula version of the AMATO'S SUB.  Only those who crave these sandwiches (from afar - 3,000 miles away from the real deal) can really know what why I could be so estatic about this.

My brother Frank sent me the most delicious package I have ever received (well, Mom's Smith Christmas Cake last year, might be a little more delicious).  Frank's package contained this monsterous jar of Amato's Sour Pickles surrounded by Aroostook County potatoes (to protect it from breakage).  (The potatoes were also a delicious treat for breakfast one morning in early January!  You just can't get good potatoes out here....he he he!  Is that a County girl talkin', or what?)

A few weeks ago I found the perfect knock-off for the Amato's roll.  It is a hoagie roll, and SOOOO perfectly moist.  I had my friend Melissa and her daughter over for lunch (she craves these sandwiches, too.  She was also born and raised in Maine.).  She almost dropped to the floor when I made her one.  We've been talking about it for years...bringing back all the ingredients and getting together right after the airplane lands in Missoula...but it never came to fruition, and I'm sure it wouldn't since I have much more to juggle now.  And since you can't carry on liquids anymore, there is no way I would risk a suitcase of clothing douced in pickle juice.  Even if I could carry it on - come on, can you imagine me with a toddler in one arm (said toddler putting all her weight into struggling to get down), and a huge pickle jar under my other arm?...I think I would need one more arm for the rolling car seat, or carry on, or coffee, or diaper bag.  The thought exhausts me.  I'm so appreciative Franky sent me these.  I'm using just a couple thin slices on each sandwich I make and I don't share them with just anybody.  They must be savored.  I am hoping this supply lasts a long time.  The jar came with 10 pickles and I've only used 1 1/2 so far.


My girl and I love to dance together in the kitchen (sliding around on the wood floors is so much fun) and in the living room with Skag!  Last week we had such fun dancing to "I've got a Woman" - Ray Charles.  Astrid was just getting over being sick and it was such a needed release!

I have been exchanging emails with an old friend and he has been another constant reminder of how important music continues to be in my life.  I have been playing the guitar (although I was in a lull since Christmas), and mastering a few tunes.  I'm ready to take another leap into something more difficult.

Music is almost constantly playing in our home throughout the day....either on my computer (Thanks to Pandora.  It is so so awesome!!!) or in the kitchen from our iPod.  Music is so powerful.  You happen to catch a certain song on the radio while driving, and it can sometimes take you places.  "Landslide" will always take me back to my wedding day - dancing with Dad (and it ended up being my last dance with him).  "Ice Cream" - singing acapella with my friend Holli at the University of Southern Maine, "Sailing" takes me on a trip as a child with my close knit family... I could go on.

Music has been a big tie between friends over the years, and a reason to get together.  Marc (my friend from Portland) and his friend Caleb were two of the first people Holli and I sang out with in Portland.  We sang our way across the country in the old Honda Accord, open mics, and bathrooms (usually pretty nice acoustics!).  A few years ago I was in a very cool band, though you've probably never heard of us - "Tin Can Genie".  We debuted at "Jay's Upstairs" and played out at "Sean Kelly's", "The Top Hat" and Caras Park.

Singing is one of the last things I do on the nights it is my turn to do Astrid's bedtime.  I sing to my little girl.  After reading a couple books, we turn out all the lights in her room.  I stand up and sway as she lays her head down on my shoulder and closes her little eyes.  It is one of the closest things to heaven I know, and everything is in perfect harmony.

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