Thursday, January 28, 2010

missing dad

It has been 6 years...  Thinking of Dad today, and missing him more than I can put into words.

(I took this photo in 1996.  I treasure it....especially since he was giving me that little raised eyebrow "look" over his shoulder.)

This morning I'm remembering one (of many many many) favorite times with Dad.  I was home from Montana (June 1999 for my cousin Eleanore's wedding) and we went wade fishing with my Uncle David on the Meduxnekeag River.  I had learned to fly fish while living here and I wanted to show him what I had learned.  He fished a little, but mostly, he was content standing in knee deep water on the opposite side of the river from me, watching my cast.  We were both thrilled when I caught a trout with one of my "Montana" flies.  I still remember that huge smile on his face.

Such a wonderful memory.

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