Wednesday, November 18, 2009

sensational mount sentinel

Skagit leading the way
(one of my favorite views of Sentinel on this hike...especially since Skagit's leading the way)

Today we made it over to Mt Sentinel for the second time this week!  It's pretty rare since Astrid still takes a morning nap and I feel so guilty sometimes when I drag her around doing what works for me (sweating seems to work really well for me) and my psyche (and skipping naps...he he he)...we go a couple/few times a week together but usually we stick to Blue Mtn since it is in my backyard...on our side of town.  Not such a commitment as Mt Sentinel.  BUT there is something that Mt Sentinel helps me feel that cannot be duplicated by any other trail in town.

It's so open and BIG and expansive and beautiful - and I love the view of town, and, and, and!  This morning there was some snow on the top half of the mountain.  We didn't have a lot of time to commit to Sentinel this morning.  But, we made it to the junction of the suicide trail (2/3 of the way up, or so).  It was pretty windy toward the top and I couldn't pull Astrid's pant leg down to cover up her bare skin...I unloaded the "Astrid" pack, reajusted the blankets to wrap her up just so and headed back down.
Astralita and me
(rosy cheeks, happy girls)
sexy Sentinel curves
(Don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE Sentinel's sexy curves? Sentinel's dusting of snow and her awesome curves look so great in contrast with the Bitterroot Mtns in the background...yummy)

I am not sure what it was about the morning hike in the new snow with 17 month old Astrid on my back...but I was recentered, rebalanced...  I plan to continue taking in each moment and enjoy as if is my first cup of coffee in the morning...savoring every little nuance.  Ahhhh.

Astrid and I always hustle fast (but as smoothly as possible) on the way down...

(Sometimes, if you "scoot" smoothly enough - Astrid drifts off to sleep.)


Summer Nicklasson said...

I remember hiking this mountain with you once. It WAS very special.

Dietlind said...

I love this post--the first photo of Mt. Sentinel with Skagit, the picture of Astrid's little face & the video with you talking! And scooting! Your voice is deeper than I remembered. I have to say when I see a light dusting of snow on a rolling mountain and it fills my heart, I know I am making the right move going back home to Maine. Nobody from California seems to understand why we'd want to leave! Big hug from SF.