Sunday, November 8, 2009

rastafarian sweater

As some of you know - I took up knitting a few weeks ago...I figured I would make a Christmas stocking for Astrid and call it good. Well, I'm afraid I have stumbled upon something that is here to stay... I can't see an end to the project ideas I have in my mind...

I have a sweater that I have been working on for Astrid, but I ran out of the black yarn - so it is missing a sleeve (and I can't wait for the yarn store to open so I can finish it!)...I'm SURE you will be seeing more pics of her in it when I'm done.  When I first started knitting the sweater I wasn't sure about my choice of black...and I had a sinking feeling that I wouldn't like the end result...but once I started knitting the stripes a colorful rastafarian sweater appeared!

With a little help from Lisa & Sharon in a couple of tricky spots I had very little trouble.  It was a remarkably easy knit for a beginner.  I'm very anxious to hear what my sis-in-law Katie thinks!  She started knitting a couple years ago and has been knitting like crazy ever since!  These knitters in my life have been quite an inspiration to me!

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Steph said...

Love this!!! Send me the pattern please. I'm working on a Piquot edge sweater for Ellie like the one I made Astrid only it is dark green. You are a fast learner for sure. Keep up the good work.