Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my favorite day of the year

This morning I got the best kind of call....one from my Grammy. 

When I saw her number come up on my cell phone I was immediately transported...to my hometown... to her little house on Pearce Avenue... to her cozy living room.  Usually I am the one who calls, so I knew she had called to tell me something important...and I was pretty sure I knew what it was.  It was the same reason I called her this past Saturday when I was on the trail with Skagit (sans Astralita)...she was not home.

She called to tell me that she would be missing me this Thanksgiving.  I'm 35 years old and I can count the times that I have missed Thanksgiving on one hand.  If I can't make it home any other time of the year ~ I always make it home for Thanksgiving...but not this year ~ we couldn't get away this year.

So, one of my cousins will be in charge of Grammy's sticky buns.  It's a wonder they turned out last year with all my distractions!  I had my usual photography distraction, but as I remember Astrid had a blow out of mass proportions and Jeff had to be rescued from that during the sticky bun process!!!!

(Gram and my brother David)
(Four generations of Astrids - last Thanksgiving.  Gram always looks so fashionable - she is wearing her Icelandic sweater that Mom and Auntie Carlene brought home for her)
(37 people at Thanksgiving last year)
Although we will not be home for Thanksgiving, we are sure to have fun.  In fact, as I write this, Grandma Diane, Grandpa Lee, Uncle Rick, Jeff and Astrid are visiting a few feet away.  I am excited about hosting our first Thanksgiving here in our home...

I've got some cranberry sauce and some pies to make, so I'd better get to work.

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