Friday, November 20, 2009

knitting balance

Two months ago if you had asked me if I knit, I would have said "come on, now, where in the world would I find time for that!"  Now, I'm afraid I have caught the bug....and the bug has taken me over...

I picked up the needles for the first time on October 9th...and I'm on my fifth knitting second sweater...this one is for a special girl named Ella...(I already asked Genevieve not to show her this entry.  On Christmas Ella will be 2 years old so this is her birthday gift!)

(I LOVE the bright colors in the rainbow sweater....seems you can't buy sweaters for girls with these colors in them.)

After the holidays I must figure a way to curb this find a better balance.  Until then, I have more projects to get done...

This week Astrid is 17 months old! Here is a pic I snapped of her and Skagit. One of her favorite tricks lately is to crawl up and stand on chairs and tables and "surf" on Knee (her horse)... She's so full of mischief these days!! You can see a little hint of it (in her eyes and curled up mouth) in this photograph:
We are so proud of this little gal.  I counted the words that she says/signs and came up with 31!  I'm counting animal sounds...  I can't believe the language she has already...and her ability to communicate with us.  We are reveling in this fun stage that Astrid is in....although this stage also contains the 'not-so-fun' parts, too...  Mainly the part where she gets frustrated...starts flailing her arms...inadvertantly hitting me...  I have to be constantly vigilant during the day and make sure I have decided how to react when she does the things I don't want her to do.  I guess I'm reveling in this learning curve, too....although it's difficult.  I'm so lucky to have girlfriends who have been through this stage recently with their chidren.


(my new favorite photo of my girl)

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Summer Nicklasson said...

OH MY GOD YOU ARE A KNITTING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how much you have done. I can't believe you are on your second sweater!! I love it! I've also been bit by the knitting bug but my projects are things like hats and legwarmers. You are a knitting rockstar! Bet you never thought you'd get THAT compliment!