Monday, October 19, 2009

my first knitting project

I got Astrid's stocking done last Wednesday on my way home from Helena, and after one washing and a little dry felting - ta-DA!

Astrid's Stocking before felting
Astrid's Stocking after felting

Thanks to a little lady named Adelaide who showed me how to turn the heel last week!  I had so much fun making it and it was such a quick knit that I got the yarn for Jeff's stocking today!  Hopefully I'll be done by this weekend since I have another project to get done for a special girl named Ella.

Astrid has been under-the-weather all weekend with a fever...but on Saturday I caught her having a moment with a tired Skaggy by the back door.  These are the 16-month photos:
Astrid 16 months, Skagit 2 1/2
Astrid 16 months, Skagit 2 1/2Astrid - 16 Months


Eileen said...

Those photos of Astrid and Skagit are wonderful! She's going to be so thankful when she's older to have them :)

Summer Nicklasson said...

Awesome knitting girl! Wow, I'm impressed since I know you don't knit all that much. Where did you get that pattern? Care to share it?

And as always, such a beautiful Astrid. She sure is growing up. I love the face shots.

Dietlind said...

You should enter the picture of Astrid and Skagit kissing in some sort of contest. That is simply too cute. I love seeing all the pictures you take & the new website revamp! It looks great. How'd you do that with the pictures up top? Love it. Love seeing all the photos of your delicious little girl and the woodsy inspiration as well.