Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what is it all about?

Yesterday I got a note from my friends Marybeth and Dave Gurtler (the Rogue Travelers) who are currently bicycling through Navajo country in Southern Utah and New Mexico... just north of the Mexican border.

They had a post recently about "Spider Grandmother" and some other Navajo beliefs. I emailed them and they included this in their response...it was with some other literature they found while researching some of the history of the area. I connect with the Navajos deep rooted relationship with nature...

East: This is the direction of the dawn and it is our thinking direction. We should first think before we do anything. When the sun comes up, we look to the east.

South: This is our planning direction where we plan what we are going to do.

West: The sun sets in the west. This is our life, and is where we do our living. Here is where we act out our plan and our thoughts of the east and south directions of our lives. The sun goes down in the west.

North: This is the evaluation portion of our lives. This is where we get our satisfaction and we evaluate the outcome of what we first started in the east. Here is where we determine to change things to make it better, or to see we are on the right path and should continue the cycle.

Every day the cycle is repeated. In each cycle there is a lesson to be learned. During the day when we fall, we stand back up and see what we can do differently the next day. Each dawn is a new start. Early dawn is when you can start a new life again. There is a new renewal. This is how much Mother Earth and Father Sky love us. They give us the chance every morning to start our life new. The Creator answers our prayers in the early morning. We ask for their guidance and assistance to help us with whatever we do.

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