Wednesday, September 23, 2009

life is SO good

I've been starting my day a little differently these days! Upon my return from Maine I decided to incorporate a different routine (now that Astrid is done with nursing - that last morning nursing was given up on our trip to Maine)...and it's working out really well! long as I don't stay up too late!

Skagit and I sneak out of the house as quietly as possible to welcome the new day! I've noticed I'm happier getting a good sweat in first thing in the morning, and I'm way more productive. Skagit is happier! Jeff is happier - since he has a happy wifey. Astrid is probably happier, too, since the pressure is off for the longer weekday hikes we were taking.

Running early in the morning gives me a chance to get my thoughts in order, instead of getting out of bed when Astrid deems it is time to get up. I have always thrived on my early mornings and now I have them back. I have enjoyed this last year of not getting out of bed at 6am, don't get me wrong...everything has happened just as it needed to...but it sure feels good, like I'm gaining a little more of the things that make me ME!

I'm enjoying our runs in partial darkness, but will be happy when there is a little more light in the sky at 6am (it'll get pitch dark before it gets lighter)...maybe instead of running from the house we'll be back to the trails.

We haven't given up the trails completely (NO WAY, JOSE! - we still go out with Astrid in the backpack at least 2 or 3X per week - shorter hikes & bike rides with her in the trailer!!!), I just want Astrid to get a little more floor time. Her schedule was looking like this: Wake up 7 am, Breakfast, Hike, Morning get the idea...the girl's poor feet weren't touching the ground until after Lunch! Maybe once we phase out the morning nap we can consider some longer hikes and more often.

One morning we got home and Dad and Astrid greeted us at the door. I open it to find a couple sleepy eyed of them saying "IIIIIII" "IIIIIII" "IIIIIII" really loudly (this is Astrid's version of "Hi". She doesn't say the "H" yet). Those are just the BEST mornings!

Dolly is getting so BIG! I stuck my finger in her mouth this afternoon and discovered why her nose is running and she doesn't seem quite herself...The little darlin' is cutting three more teeth!


On another note, I'm very excited for some much needed girl-time this weekend with my Bookclub Honeys! (I didn't read the book which I heard was pretty great, sorry friends, but I have to come clean)! I am, however, planning on bringing my guitar.

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