Wednesday, August 19, 2009

michael albans

These are some images taken (and altered) by photographer Michael Albans last week.

Astrid and I were having lunch at the Good Food Store one day and he and his wife we drawn to my little munchkin'. He wanted to take some photographs of Astrid to use in his promotional materials....and I would get all the raw images. Sounded like a deal to me, once I got past the usual protective mother worries.

I'll tell you more about him later - but just wanted to post them because I'm very happy with the result.


Steph said...

OMG those photos were fantastic. I'd hire him in a minute to do Ellie's two-year photo's. See if he will come to Seattle. LOVE IT

Angel said...

Those did turn out great! She's such a little doll!! Tell your Mom HI!!