Wednesday, August 5, 2009

jonesin' for some equipment....

Jeff caught me....he called me this afternoon, during Astrid's nap time and asked what I was up to. He caught me dreaming of camera equipment!!

I have the Canon 5D Mark II (Jeff got it for me for my Birthday last year - what a swell guy!) and there are some other things that I'm just DYING to get for it!!

I need a larger memory card! I need a flash, but before that I need a more versatile lens for my portrait photography, oh, and I would LOVE a macro lens, as well. A battery grip. Oh geez!

Ok - you can see where this is going! I'm getting a little ahead of myself thing at a time! What am I a professional photographer now? Come on! Pace yourself girl!
During the conversation with Jeff he urged me to get the 16 GB Memory Card so I can scratch THAT off my list. Now I will atleast be able to be better equiped to use the video functions of the camera. Do I have a wonderful hubby or what!!!!!!!?????
I may have to sell some more cards and calendars before I can feel good about getting some of the other things... I need to figure out a fast way to feed this passion!

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