Wednesday, July 29, 2009

world's greatest dog

(After a year watching Mama and Daddy throw the ball for Skagit in the front yard, today, Astrid wanted to give it a try.)

(Skagit "Goddess of the Mountains" Moore ~ my firstborn)

I am endlessly amazed by my Labrador Retriever. I learn so many great life lessons from her. One of the qualities Skagit has that I'm in awe of is her patience with Astrid. She is a young dog (just over 2 years) and she has WAY MORE patience than most people do. How torturous must it be to have a kid keeping the tennis ball just out of reach? I love her so much it makes me cry sometimes. I get overwhelmed by how much love she gives all of us, although over this last year I have been less than worthy.

Astrid crawls over Skagit a million times throughout the course of a day (she doesn't pull on her ears or poke her eyes nearly as much as she used to!, thank goodness she's into kisses, now)...Skagit gets showered with wayyyyyyyyyy more kisses than Jeff or I get! That's a bonus!

Skagit is my motivation when I have little "extra" energy to expend (we get out everyday morning during the week - weather permitting with Astrid). I honestly have her to thank on those days that I feel like crawling back into bed (yeah, right, like that's possible with a toddler - but you get my point!). She is my faithful companion...spending endless hours curled up somewhere under my feet or just behind me in her favorite spot near the window in the sun. I swear she can tell when something is bothering me or if I'm stressed out or if I'm in some kind of pain...she gives me special attention.

I'm enjoying watching this new relationship between Astrid and Skagit develop. Skagit is, simply put, the sweetest four-legged girl in the whole wide world. I guarantee my life would not feel as full or as complete as it does with her in it...
(a mischievous look is never too far from my daughter's face. LOVE IT DARLIN!)

(keep your eye on the ball Skag)

(a sweet relationship between my girls is developing nicely now that Astrid is playing a more active role)
(Skagit's thinking: "Mom, why must you torture me so?")
(Astrid - 13 Months, Skagit 26 Months)

(Skagit gets an impromptu kiss after our monthly photo shoot a couple weeks ago)

(Skagit in her favorite spot in the living room....close to her favorite to the back door workspace is just to the left out of the frame.)

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