Friday, July 10, 2009

it's been a long time

Last night I pulled into my driveway at nearly midnight. I realized it had been an eternity since I had a been in a driftboat behind the oars. I guess it is much like riding a bike - you never forget. These scrawny, yet powerful Mama arms still have what it takes! Felt SOOOOO GOOD drifting down the Blackfoot on a beautiful summer evening with friends.

It almost didn't happen. I was having some internal mother-guilt about the fact that I would be missing her bedtime last evening (since she was in daycare all day - Thursday is her 'daycare' day). But after a quick call to my husband....he set me straight...said to go out and 'have fun'. This is just one evening in a very looooong life that Astrid will I heeded his words.

And I'm so glad I did! Ann and Lance and Jasper-dog rode in my boat since it has a hard bottom for his claws and his comfort... Jen was in her raft with her son Alex, Sharon and Lisa....and Matt, Monica and Ellie (Jen's daughter) in their canoe.

We saw two eagles along the river.

Daredevil Alex jumped into the river from a big cliff.

Mom's ready with a camera and towel-in-hand.

The cheering fans.

The boys waiting in the driftboat...


My dear friend Ann and her boyfriend Lance stayed with us this week and we had such a great visit. The highlight for me was a run up Blue Mountain the second morning....just Ann and me and the dogs. Felt so good to have some quality time together on one of the trails I frequent. I'm looking forward to the next time! I think a trip to Topanga is in the works for this late fall!

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