Tuesday, July 7, 2009

busy busy...

There are a few things that have been on hold for the past several weeks since we have been busy entertaining family and friends and having FUN! Mostly it is my website work that has taken a backseat (sorry if you are one of my clients and are reading this! he he! When Summer comes and you have limited time - something has to take a backseat! And it can't be family!)

So far this summer we have filled it with tons of outdoor activities with our out-of-town guests. We even took Astrid out in the kayak this weekend. Astrid and I were in charge of steering the boat as Dad paddled!
(Does anyone know of a better lifejacket for small children? The only way Astrid can really wear it with any sort of comfort is to be leaning way back so that her thighs don't push it up and push her chin up. As you can see, she looks less than thrilled with the lifejacket! She can barely turn her little head to the side...)

My Mother-in-Law & Father-in-Law, Diane & Lee, came in early last week in order to help us out. Jeff had a property tour of 32 locations in Helena that I had been helping him with and wanted my help for a day to navigate a bus full of people to all the locations, so he could concentrate on discussing each one with the group. They came to the rescue, as they always do! Astrid (and Skagit)had a ball with them while they were here.

They were able to see Astrid take her first steps last week! Exciting times around the Moore household! Hold on to your hats folks!! Astrid just created another gear - HIGH gear! She is still not comfortable walking, but she is 99% there...

I took some photographs while Grandma & Grandpa were here for a visit:

I took these photos of Astrid yesterday while she was eating lunch. I had to post them:

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