Friday, July 24, 2009

baby steps back to creativity...

(my cards....ready to sell...the card of the cute little gal in the middle is NOT FOR SALE!)

My sis and I have been talking a LOT lately about how much art we used to do together back in the days we lived in an apartment together (used to make handmade cards, and books, and lots of fun handmade things)... and how much we are missing it in our lives.

I'm very excited about FINALLY getting around to getting my photo cards & perpetual calendars printed out and into some local stores! I approached a few stores before Astrid was born, but didn't put the effort into following through once she came home. I have been so busy with Jeff's business, as well as website work on any free moment I have had this year. So, this is a baby step to getting back into my art!

Next on my "to do" list ~ a drawing class at the university!

(I just love this pic of Astrid...and had to share!)

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Anonymous said...

All your card are Awesome! And you are right about Astrid...she is becoming a little girl and not a baby anymore. She is still as cute as can be though. Just like her mama. Love ya, LG