Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my little forest sprite

Tonight we took some pictures of Astrid to mark her 1-year birthday! I needed Mom and Jeff's help in the backyard as we posed her with her wildflower head piece that I made today....and of course, her faithful companion, Skagit.

(I used the grapevine headpiece that Mom made me for my wedding as the base...and added freshly picked Arnica, Sticky Geranium, Blue Bells, Yarrow, Penstemon, Indian Paintbrush, Blanketflower, Wild Hyacinth, Death Camas, Fir and Long Plumed Avens. Astrid was transformed by the wild things! It was just the pizazz that she needed for her 1st birthday party!!)

(Astrid felt pretty special since Gram Astrid was here to celebrate with us!)

(Jeff will not be happy if he sees this posted here....so shhhhhh!)

(Do you like the party dress that Auntie Genevieve made for me?)

It was a blast!

Skagit (while we were all fawning over the birthday girl) snagged her own piece of cake (chocolate can be deadly to dogs!!!) unbeknown to us. Thank goodness she didn't eat too much...

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Summer Nicklasson said...

Those forest sprite pictures are SO amazing! I love the contrast of the flowers with the brown of her dress. That one of her and Skagit takes the cake. You've got to frame that one!