Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the Astrids and me

Mom has been staying with us this week and we have been having the best time!

We celebrated Someone's 1st birthday!

...went to Bernices.

...read books.
...went swimming.

...celebrated Summer Solstice with some contradancing...
...along with some fiddles. ...listened to some live music outside in the park.

...ran in the woods....(ok, let's be honest, Mom ran in the woods.....I was a little weighted down!)
...hiked in lots of places...including Mom's favorite: Woods Gulch.
...discovered a few wildflowers together....can't seem to remember the name of this one.
...THIS ONE, is a Mountain Lady's Slipper. AKA Yellow Lady's Slipper.
...and a never-been-identified (by me) before: Queen's cup....all found in Woods Gulch. ...Astrid found some Penstemon.
...we hiked the "M"
...rode the Carousel.

...got dizzy.
...Mom discovered a new sport.

It is always so sad to see her go (she departs Thursday)...but it is always nice to know that there is a trip planned right around the corner.

It is one of my favorite times of year. When Mom comes to visit. Even if I have to share her with little Astrid.

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Meagan said...

So beautiful! You 3 girls are gorgeous! I am so glad that you get the experience to be outside with your mom and daughter-I know you must have had fun! I want to see you when you come to Maine in August! Even if only for a minute to give you a hug and meet Astrid!