Friday, May 29, 2009

a weekend with friends

Besides recognizing the folks who have served in the armed forces...this Memorial weekend was special since our friends, the Waldens drove over to Missoula for a visit.

I wanted to share this slideshow.

Some of the highlights of the weekend:

Skagit turned 2 years old on the 23rd (Saturday). We gave her and her sister (Faith) a big breakfast - including bacon, eggs and potatoes! The dogs spent endless hours swimming out to retrieve balls and bouys in the water.

The Walden kids capsized in the double kayak after about 5 minutes of launching! he he he! I got them back out in the boats though! Even after this traumatic experience!

Kirk and Tanner (the biggest fishermen of the weekend) caught about 4 million fish from the dock and row boat (some on a fly).

Astrid entertained the masses with her giggles and smiles from the porta-crib on the dock!

Fresh oysters shared with friends on Saturday night at the Lawsons' cabin. The spawning rainbows at the stream Angela and I went over twice to see.

And mostly just spending TIME with dear, old friends.

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