Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Shoes

Jeff got me some shoes for Mother's Day.

I had been eyeing these Ed Hardy's the last two trips to Nordstrom over the last year...and there was always a reason NOT to buy them. Such a frivolous purchase, I thought.

I can just imagine what some of you are thinking! Do you think they are hideous? Well, I sorta LOVE 'EM! I think they are kinda cute!

Since my last entry I have been SO BUSY and I have been feeling completely null and void of any creativity mainly due to lack of time.

I have been busy with a website that is now "live" that I'm super proud of. www.selwaybitterroot.org. I donated my work to The Selway Bitterroot Foundation. The SBF had its annual fundraiser last Wednesday. At the event my friend Lisa and new friend Rob gave me an awesome gift certificate to our favorite restaurant SUSHI HANA in appreciation of the donation of my time! Thank you! We also won a flight over the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness thanks to a lucky raffle ticket we bought!

Another reason for my tiredness...I am about 9 weeks pregnant with Baby Moore #2 (we are so excited!)...I'm in the first trimester (need I say more?). I'm wiped out and I suffered from all-day-long queasiness for about 1 1/2 weeks (thank GOD that didn't last long! I still don't feel like eating anything, but it's much better. I didn't get any of this business with Astrid!).

I'm chasing an ever-speeding-up Astrid 24-7 (or so it seems). I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep her still enough to change a diaper or to put on/take off clothes, etc. She's got things to do, you know! I'm also still nursing and that is sucking the remaining energy reserves. My goal is to get her to a year...then wean.

I'm trying to fit in as much exercise as possible for Skagit and I.

When I look down at my Mother's Day Shoes, as a mother of 'almost' two, they remind me that I can still be silly and fun and adventurous and strong and all those things that make me ME... remembing a time when I wasn't so tired...

Thank you, Jeff...

I think they are a "hit" with the girls!


Unknown said...

I LOVE the shoes!! I got a pair when I was up in WA! Mine are black, but just as silly! I think that was very sweet of Jeff to buy you those, since I am sure they are not HIS style!
Now you, me, Drew and Kylie can all wear our matching shoes!

Angel said...

Very cute E!! = )

Summer Nicklasson said...

Yay for new shoes and new babies!!!