Monday, May 25, 2009

a beautiful find

This weekend I saw calypso orchids... Pink Lady Slippers (Fairyslippers). I have been looking for these elusive little flowers on our recent hikes in places I have found them in the past...with no luck...until now.
I spotted these while my friend Angela and I were walking to the small stream that dumps into Big Sky Lake. I wanted to show her the rainbows in their magical yearly spawning ritual (pictures later in this entry).

I'm not a big-time girly girl but if I found shoes that resembled these I might just have to have them!

These are the spawning rainbows I was telling you about. These last two weekends we've been up to the lake it has been amazing to watch them collect in this tiny stream...

One more very cool happening around our lake place these last couple weeks....when Frank was here the weekend before last we had a black bear lurking around 30-50 ft from the door.

He was just finishing up eating a carcass he had pulled down the hill...the next morning he was back again with a new deer carcass. We thought maybe he was there to stay. This weekend we were back at the lake half hoping to see him again, and half hoping he was gone. The only remaining sign that he had been there was a completely devoured deer and bear scat.

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