Monday, April 27, 2009

The Reluctant Plumber strikes again

This weekend we went up to the Toolshed (the Toolshed is a term of endearment for our camp on Big Sky Lake) to get the water turned on for the season. All went pretty well, except that we had some more leaks this spring. Some PVC piping in the closet needed to be replaced.

Jeff, aka, The Reluctant Plumber and his trusty assistants had to make a special trip to Seeley Lake for some materials. He replaced some pipe and links and it was as good as new!

We had to keep Astrid contained while we were up there since the place is covered in a winter season of dust...Now that she is on-the-move I'm heading up there without her to clean up and get the place spotless so next time we can let 'er loose!

We kept her in the porta-crib in the living room while we were doing stuff. She kept herself amused for the most part.

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