Monday, April 6, 2009

outside is the place to be

This week and last week (although last week was a tad cooler and windier) were great for hiking with my sidekicks. Lots of hiking on Blue Mountain, Mout Sentinel, even McClay Flat once (which I hadn't been to for quite a while)... I don't usually go there ever, since there is a leash law - and I don't think Skag gets a chance to work out her boundless energy being at the end of a leash!!

Last weekend I was able to get out for a nice trail run with Sharon. What a perfect way to start a day!..and I hear the weather is supposed to be even nicer tomorrow! Keep it comin'!
(Let's go! We're ready, are you?)

(uh oh - you caught me - she's not leashed....well, no one was watching!)

(Yes, those are socks on her hands - mostly for sun cover)

(checking out the Ponderosa pine bark)

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