Sunday, April 12, 2009

look who we found on the mountainside this morning

Happy Easter!
This morning Skagit and I went for a little hike-a-roo up Blue Mountain...on our way back to the trailhead....we came across these bright yellow beauts:
Yellow Fritillary

I wanted to warn you about this movie we saw last night...that I cried the entire way through (my eyelids are still swollen today from sobbing all evening)!!! Marley & was so perfect in its depiction of life with a dog...and how they are truly a member of the family...

...but it was horrible to see how attached they had become. It's inevitable. It makes me appreciate my girl even more. I feel so lucky to live in Missoula, Montana with so much open space for my dog to run free and live a dream!!"Skagit - Goddess of the Mountains" - My Firstborn & Partner in most outdoor adventures!

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Steph said...

E - I am afraid to watch that movie cuz i've always hated movies where the animals died. Starting with Bambi and moving up from there. Also one of the reasons I don't own a dog. They are so expressive and dependent and they don't live all that long (in comparison to cats). A piece of me dies every time I lose an animal so I don't want to do it too often. It is snowing here again. Looks like you had a nice day. Lucky girls.