Monday, April 13, 2009

keeping Astrid busy

I haven't posted a video of Astrid for a while so ~ here she is! We sat outside late Friday afternoon at the Iron Horse and had to keep her busy after all her other toys were old news. Can't believe she is almost 10 months old!

Don't you love those chunky wrists? I could just eat 'em right up!

Auntie Kelli - do you recognize Mr. Bunny on the table???

There's another video that Jeff wants to post of her playing the piano last weekend...maybe I'll get that one on sometime soon, too!


Summer Nicklasson said...

Love it! Such a chubby wubby cutie!

Meagan said...

I miss the Iron Horse, when my sister lived in Missoula we always ate there when she picked me up from the airport. I love that Astrid has a busy and happy spirit, curiosity and wonder are good things-you are doing a great job raising her-she is perfect. I loved the 10 month old age-so happy and content and curious...enjoy!