Monday, April 20, 2009

hmmmm - this could be fun!

Mom sent this to me today, from what looks like the Pioneer Times (The only newspaper in the world interested in Houlton, Maine - I'm not making up some cutesy wootsy line - it is honestly the tagline)!

This race takes place in Danforth - about 35 miles South of my hometown.

Mom said she wanted to race it as a team ~ with me!! We are going to continue to talk about it - but I think we could pull this off next year! Count me in Ma!!!


Summer Nicklasson said...

Dang! Aroostook County is getting cool!

Anonymous said...

Ebeth looking awesome. Astrid is so cute. Do you live right on the trails. That is awesome all you do.

Looks like things are going well. Miss ya!