Saturday, March 7, 2009

a walk in the woods...

Thanks to my friends Lori and Kristin, I was able to go on a much needed hike with my friend Lisa this morning.

We went to Woods Gulch with the gals (Ana, Ellis, and Skagit). It was a winter wonderland compared to the more exposed trails I have been frequenting lately. She took me on a trail that I hadn't been on before. A new trail that was cut last year.

I used to hike on a weekly basis with Lisa, but this winter has been a little tough to find the time to get together. I look forward to getting back on a rythym at some point in the future (this Spring|Summer) when the weather is not as much of an issue with a babe (if Astrid comes along with us).

We're so looking forward to Spring and the year's first wildflowers which will be peeking out of the ground any day now!

This past week Astrid and I got a stranger to take our photo at the top of Sentinel. Skagit wouldn't cooperate...

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