Tuesday, March 31, 2009

one mini getaway with dear friends....one GIANT leap for this Mama

This past weekend was monumental! My very first night away from my little Astrid. I couldn't have picked better companions than Keri and Angel. Angel (experienced Mama with 3-year old Wilson) and Keri (also overnighting for the very first time without 19 month old Parker)! We thought it would be fun to go somewhere close and relaxing. Hotsprings, MT, and the Symes Hotel seemed to be the perfect fit. We went Friday afternoon with the thought that we would be back on Saturday and still have much of the weekend to spend with family upon our return.

Hotsprings is a funky community and the Symes Hotel is the ultimate people watching hotspot. During our mini-getaway we soaked in the hotprings, ate good food, listened to live music (David Boone), stayed up late, wandered around the neighborhood to Camas Hotsprings and to Rainbow Zen for a pot o' tea, caught up with the girls without interruption....it was such a treat. For a couple of seconds there I felt like a free-girl again!

We were only about 60 miles away from home so when we did decide it was time to get back to the family - it didn't take us long to get there...

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Summer Nicklasson said...

What a fun weekend!!! And I bet your little cutie was happy to see her mama again!