Monday, February 23, 2009

a successful attempt

On Friday Astrid, Skag and I went out to pound the pavement for a little while. And I thought I would give Skagit another try with the stroller. It had been a while since I had done it - and I had never attempted this feat with my magical 16 ft extender leash.

I duded Astrid up in quite the getup - and we were off!
Everything worked out so perfectly! Skag didn't derail the stroller...she never trotted ahead of us...and.....I know part of this is just me personifying my dog but I felt like she was acting quite important (like a service dog) - and proud to be running next to Astrid and I... The more serious side of Skagit (who knew such a side existed)... The only time I saw her playful side come out was when we came across an unleashed dog on the trail. We had to completely stop so they could go by.

As my mother reminded me today as I was bragging about this wonderful experience - she may have setbacks in the future...and not get too secure in thinking that she will always be like this! It will take going out with her more often on the roads with the stroller...

OK - I couldn't resist this picture...I had to post - We met up with Jeff for lunch on Friday and Astrid was smiling at me as Dad was strapping her back into her seat.


Angel said...

Hey she got a new seat! Cool! Guess she's not the little girl she once was huh! ; )

Art said...

Looks like you've got some kind of mutant color worm problem - better call someone. Nice to see the purple thing in use.

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit,in the carseat! And you are probably right about Skagit, "they" say that dogs are happiest when they are working and the most obedient, they feel they have a purpose. A lot of trainers say it's good to put a dog backpack on your dog, so they think they are working! So, I don't think you are personifying skag, I think you are right!!