Saturday, February 7, 2009

my four-legged running partner

(Skagit atop Sentinel in December)

I wasn't sure how Skagit would do this morning - running with me on the roads. On Wednesday night she tripped one of my running partners (sorry Trish!!! I'm still mortified about this!!!) and I am now reinvigorated to train my very spoiled (untamed) trail dog to run on the roads(I am also very spoiled and untamed, used to the wonderfully soft earthy trails we like to go on!). I had only taken her out with me a few times on the road this winter (before Christmas and in January).

Before Christmas when I took her out on the roads I used a regular leash and she nearly yanked my shoulder out of joint! I was even crazy enough to bring Skagit and Astrid together one time this past fall (trying to run Astrid in the stroller, and Skagit on leash) this must have been quite a comical scene to see! It was not comical, though, I promise. I was on the verge of tears. Skagit was all mixed up in the wheels and the stroller was derailed more than a few times along the way. Things got busy at Christmas and I didn't attempt this again until January (without Astrid)....leaving her home with Daddy.

This is the first season I would have dared to run with Skagit on the roads since I wanted her to be atleast 1 year to 18 months old for her hips and joints...then Astrid came along!

Maybe after this new training you will see me running with both of my girls on the road, again....but not until after some more training...

I found a leash that works for us. I know some of you dog owners out there may not approve - but I use an extender leash while I run. I don't let her have full run of the leash - I lock it off - until she gets too tired to pull...then I let the tension go...and she is perfect for the rest of the run!

I'll let you know how it all progresses.

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