Thursday, February 19, 2009

lucky sister!

I am so lucky this year to hear that my youngest brother Frank is coming out to see me!! He will be here on May 13th for a short visit.

My little brother Frank was so much fun when we were little. There are tons of memories - but the ones that stick out in my mind are the endless hours of badminton in the backyard and also carting him around in a sled on Saturday mornings when I had a paper route. He would put all the papers together on Saturday's for me, sitting in the sled. I had a 75-paper paper route! I don't think I could have pulled off the Saturday's without the little guy! Today, he CLAIMS I didn't pay him enough for his work. Frank, I hope this isn't true...

The last time Frank was out here (on his own - NOT COUNTING my wedding 5 1/2 years ago!)we had so much fun! He came out in May of 1998. He was in college at the University of Southern Maine (I think he was 20). We were footloose and fancy free, and I took him to all the local hotspots downtown (Charlie B's, The Old Post, etc - he he he - yes, he got in underage...they didn't check his ID)...we also went up to Glacier, and the Bison Range. So, 11 years later...both of us are married...4 kids between us...and we have lots of responsibilities, now. I hope we can plan something special and cram lots of fun into his 3 full days here (and some reminiscing, of course). I'm thinking Astrid's first backpacking trip? Franky, you up for it? ...ponder it and let me know what you think.

Now I just gotta get Genevieve and David out here! Ma is coming in June! I'm such a lucky girl!


Angel said...

What's the occasion? I am happy for you!!

Ebeth said...

Occasion? no occasion - Just life! I'm always trying to get my family out here to see us. Now that we have another LURE (Astrid) maybe she can help get them out here.